Affiliate Program

Join our Award-Winning Affiliate Network

Greater Opportunities for Commission

Boost your earnings for the sales you impact by expanding your limited commissions’ perspective. You can make wise selections and get the credit you deserve with the help of our commissioning suite.

Interactive Commissioning

For scaled revenue, have visibility into advertiser goals and payouts.

Discount Commissions

Find out important information on the use of codes by your audiences.

Several-touch Commissioning

Whether you contribute at the start, middle, or end of the customer experience, you will be paid for it.

Why should I become an affiliate?

Tech Digital Studio specializes in branding and marketing advice. Since 2022, over 1,000 users from branding, marketing, digital marketing, public relations, vendors, and consulting firms have chosen our effective sales and marketing consultation services.

When you join our affiliate program, you can now earn a sizable commission.

About the Program

Our global network is an example of diversity, quantity, and quality. Brands and publications establish genuine ties through this beneficial environment that produce results.

Local Knowledge with a Global Reach

Our international reach and local knowledge help you quickly expand into the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, and Asia-Pacific markets. Local teams collaborate closely with our partners to find new opportunities, manage local compliance requirements, and protect the exclusivity of your program.

Individualization for better Performance

Better results are generated by relevant adverts, yet relevance depends on data. By using our two-sided data ecosystem and exclusive personalization technology, you can give your visitors a more individualized and well-organized advertising experience that includes links to items they will be interested in and attractive offers.

Technology and Tools to Increase Success

By integrating our cutting-edge AI and programmatic capabilities throughout our products and platforms, we have changed conventional affiliate marketing.

Dashboard for Publishers

Use this one resource to locate and manage partnerships, as well as for transparent performance reporting and other purposes.


Discover data-driven recommendations for valuable new collaborations.

App Tracking on Mobile Devices

Deep-linking capabilities should be enabled for a smooth conversion experience, and app installs, leads, and conversions should be easily tracked.


Convert all regular advertiser links into commissionable tracking links automatically.

Graph of Consumers

Create more tailored experiences by making wiser content and ad-serving decisions in real time.

Training and Assistance

Access instructional resources and training to help you optimize your program and increase your commissions.

Security and Compliance

Our Compliance Suite includes security features such as rate management, fraud detection, and adherence to data protection requirements with CMP support.