Refund Policy

Here are some of the most commonly used reasons for refund requests. It is important that you read and review this agreement to ensure that you are fully aware of and agree to it before placing an order with us. If you are certain that your request qualifies for a refund or if you have questions about our return policies, please contact us to discuss the details of your request and to discuss your request.

  1. We guarantee complete satisfaction or your money back
  2. We will deliver the acquired service to your complete satisfaction. In case you have not received it correctly or completely, we invite you to inform us what would be the missing complement or in your case we will return you the corresponding economic proportion.
  3. Our customers have up to 60 days to inform us of any clarification or disagreement about the purchased service
  4. The described term does not contravene the guarantee of the acquired service, that of 30 days
  5. All our staff is fully trained to perform the clarification and / or solve their problems of the operation
  6. Our portal has the possibility to make the return of your money immediately in case you are not satisfied.
  7. If you have any doubt about your operation, before asking your bank for any clarification or refund, we invite you to contact us.
  8. Finally, we commit ourselves to make the return of your money immediately after your claim in our portal.
  9. For the previous points we invite you to contact our customer service areas, through our different channels. 

About the changes in your order

At any time, before receiving our services, you can contact us to request changes. By this we mean both inclusion and removal or the amount of service. Once we have begun providing the service, we generally cannot make changes; however, we will make every effort to accommodate your request if you ask us to do so and to review whether changes can be made.

About cancellations of your order

You, as a client, can demand at any time the cancellation of your service, while you are in the development period and before your project is completed. Our team in charge will determine by means of a pro-rata, the reimbursement of your service, depending on the amount of work that the professional in charge has done on your assignment; for example; You have made a request for an initial package, where the total of your project is $1,494.00 and request the cancellation before the total project is cancelled. In this hypothetical case, the independent professional has worked 50% of the requested development, then, you will receive a refund of $747.00, which corresponds to the remaining 50% to be developed. In other words, it will be possible to reimburse the total of your investment, only if the project has not started. Otherwise, only the percentage of money corresponding to the proportion of the work that our professional has not developed will be returned.

In the event that our professional in charge of your project has completely finished the assigned work, there will be no refund of your money, only for added services such as prepaid campaigns that have not been carried out, among others.

About the quality of our services

We have a team of professionals fully trained to develop any project related to the services we offer. You can be assured that we will work with you in the most efficient and accurate manner possible to ensure that you are satisfied with the digital services and products offered. If it is the rare case that the digital product delivered does not meet your requirements, your expectations or the quality you desire, we can, at our sole discretion, issue a refund or offer a reproduction of what is required.

About review requests

You can request a review through your order status page within 30 days from the date the project is available to you. Reviews are free of charge as long as the original material is not being edited. Changes to the original material will be handled on a case-by-case basis. We may be able to edit existing work and charge additionally for previously unsolicited services, but if the changes are substantial, a complete restructuring of your project may be required. The most common review requests we see are small things like names of people, places, phone numbers, photographs. When you make your request, we ask for this information, and we urge you to provide it, as names can be particularly easy to confuse. This will significantly reduce the need for revisions and corrections, ensuring that the final project is delivered as soon as possible.

About acceptance of services

Apart from causes attributable to our professionals, we do not offer refunds for project acceptance problems. It is your sole responsibility as a client to ensure that we meet your requirements. We strongly recommend that you contact us with a list of your requirements before placing your order to ensure that we meet them if you have any questions.